Blood Pressure Treatment Continuation Waiver

I, [Participant’s Full Name], am a client at Instant Vitality Lounge and I understand that my recent blood pressure readings have shown a slight elevation. I acknowledge that this waiver allows me to continue receiving treatment despite the elevated blood pressure.

By signing this waiver, I acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. I am aware that my blood pressure readings have been slightly elevated during recent sessions at Instant Vitality Lounge.
  2. I understand that the services provided by Instant Vitality Lounge are not a substitute for professional medical care and that I should consult a qualified healthcare provider about my health.
  3. I voluntarily choose to continue my treatment sessions at Instant Vitality Lounge, understanding the potential risks associated with slightly elevated blood pressure.
  4. I release Instant Vitality Lounge, its employees, and representatives from any liability related to my decision to continue treatment despite the elevated blood pressure.
  5. I am committed to monitoring my blood pressure and seeking medical advice as needed to manage my health.

I have read and understood the terms of this waiver, and I consent to continue my treatment at Instant Vitality Lounge despite my slightly elevated blood pressure.

Participant’s Full Name: