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Revive your energy, Refresh your mind, and Rejuvenate your body.


Owner Alana Humphries, RN, has over thirty years of experience in healthcare and is known for her ability to enhance the lives of those she serves. With her enthusiasm, expertise, empathy, and a mind.

Our Services

IV Hydration Therapy

Clinician-approved intravenous hydration therapy is an integrative treatment method

Total Body Wellness Therapy

$185 per IV Therapy Treatment ~ Medical Consultation Included..

The Vitality Drip

This comprehensive micronutrient blend was designed by the

Wellness Shots

Intramuscular injections provide your body with a concentrated dose of micronutrients.

Instant Vitality Lounge

“The goal of integrative health is not just to treat illness, but to promote vibrant health and vitality.”


The Glow Drip

This beauty treatment drip optimizes the anti-aging process to reduce wrinkles

The Rise and Shine Drip

This solution offers a blend of fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins designed to help

The Accelerate Drip

This blend is designed specifically for athletes and active individuals. The solution is infused

The Recovery Drip

Replenish your body with this revitalizing blend that alleviates nausea, headache, vomiting

Instant Vitality Lounge

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